Fern Software Continues Awards Success

The award from Capital Finance International (CFI) is for ‘Best Banking & Finance Software Solutions – Europe 2021’. With The World Bank having submitted Fern for the award.

September 2021 – Fern Software was shortlisted for the Best Banking & Finance Software Solutions – Europe 2021 award by CFI, on behalf of the World Bank in recognition of groundbreaking Financial Technology innovation and market leadership within core banking software.

Recognising Innovation

The CFI has a strict set of qualifying criteria for shortlisting including;

  • FinTech or financial technology innovation
  • Use of new technology to improve financial services and make financial markets and systems more efficient
  • Client and public trust attained from real-world application(s)
  • Disruptive
  • Customer focus and satisfaction
  • Financial Inclusion
  • Compliance with regulations
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Strength of management team
  • Growth performance
  • Market leadership
  • Strength of nominations 

In keeping with this criteria the awards body was compelled to include Fern Software in this years European Financial Software Solutions shortlist, due in no small part to a robust nomination by the World Bank.

Fern Software Managing Director, John McGucken said of the award ‘’ It’s great to see Fern once again recognised for its innovation in such a prestigious awards category!‘’

About Capital Finance International

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About Fern Software

Fern Software is an international SaaS FinTech solutions provider incorporated in 1979 with a global presence with over 300 sites in 40+ countries. Fern has offices in Amsterdam, Belfast, Singapore, Trichy and Toronto, plus a network of accredited implementation partners covering Africa, the Middle East and Central Europe.

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